I watched Shannon transform my house into a home when I had no idea how to make it flow.  Her talents extend far beyond organizing furniture. She can walk into a space, sit for only a few minutes, assess the damage and re-create the entire space.  She's truly gifted.  


Jennifer W.



Motivator Extraordinaire:  Shannon helped me transform my house into a home.  I love coming home to my organized space. She took everything in my living room and re-arranged it to make it seem like a total re-decoration.  She has the gift to see that moving something 3" will make it look totally different.  


Debra S.


Wonderful & Functional:   Shannon did a fantastic job of changing things up at the "bachelor pad".  Rearrangement exchange between the living room and the front room, with existing components - great ideas, looks wonderful and still very functional.  She really listens to all parties needs in developing ideas and she is easy to work with. 

Thanks Shannon!!  


Larry S.


The Room Whisperer: 


I have been looking at the clutter for some time and unable to get motivated -- I was just stuck. Then I met the room whisperer.  I was amazed at the short time it took to remove years of clutter.  I now can open my garage without despair. Thank you Shannon! You did for me what I could not do for myself.  


Paula Mc.


My house is a home now:  I have a LABEL MAKER!  I fought her on the $20 to buy that thing, and I tell you....it's my favorite.  My files now have neatly printed labels on them.  I bought her plane ticket down here and paid for her time because I trusted her. I would have paid her double for what came of it!  I love you Shannon, you are the best. To anyone hesitating even for a second: Don't wait! Your life cannot be held back any longer!  


Collette Y.


Super Organizer:  When I first met Shannon, she had no doors on her closets! I couldn’t imagine having closets neat enough to do that. So, I decided to ask for her help.  Shannon came to my house and worked with me to clean, organize, and dejunk on a number of occasions.   I was so impressed with her energy, knowledge and creative abilities.


Carol B.



Dream Space:  When I moved into a beautiful, new, LARGE house I brought my CHAOS with me. Shannon lovingly, patiently and miraculously created a dream spacewhere I could find what I was looking for.Thanks Shannon, you helped bring some peace into my life. 


Christi S-P



Thanks so much for all you did in my house to start turning it into a home!  I was really nervous that I hadn't done enough cleaning and organizing before you came over.  But you were so thoughtful, compassionate, and energetic, I soon found myself enjoying what I assumed would be a painful, shameful process.  You inspired me to continue the work we started yesterday. 

I can't wait for your return visit! 


Peggy J.

Multi-Talented:  I've had the pleasure of working with Shannon for approximately 5 years on a dozen or more projects. She decorated my entire home for Christmas multiple times, including organizing and dismantling all of my decorations.  She also completely decorated my home after moving on two occasions.  Shannon takes time to know the personal tastes of her clients, which has led me to completely trust her judgment without much direction or input from me.  Shannon is multi-talented and functions extremely well at any level you desire. 


Jill F.