Declutter and Organize Your Home and Life

If you need to sell, move, downsize, redesign or decorate your house, a Professional Organizer like me can help you Style your home so you can Get and Stay Organized.  I also create Action Plan to keep you accountable and complete your Organizing Projects.


Schedule your consultation today, and Get Organized Now!

Initial Consultation

Includes up to 2hrs to discuss your Organizing Goals and Challenges, Hands-On (or Virtual) De-Cluttering and Organizing your spaces. Includes a written Action Plan that outlines the steps needed to complete your project.


In Person:  $160 (up to 2hrs for 1 room)

                 $240 (up to 3hrs for multiple rooms)

Virtual:      $50 (up to 1hr)

Ongoing Services


Virtual Organizing / Coaching: $100 up to 2hrs (via Skype, Zoom or Phone)


Pay-As-You-Go In Person: $320 up to 4hrs or $600 up to 8hrs ($40 savings)


Pre-Paid Packages: Baker's Dozen:  $960 up to 13hrs ($80 savings)
                              24 Hours:  $1720 or up to 24hrs ($200 savings)


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Organizing and Clutter Elimination

Not Everything Sparks Joy... Unlike Marie Kondo, who makes elimating clutter and organizing your house seem easy by just asking yourself what Sparks Joy, I understand how difficult it is to motivate ourselves to even start purging and sorting through all of our stuff, let alone find the time and energy to get your organizing projects completed.

before and after bedroom organizing Closet Organizing

Interior Decorating and ReDesign

Interior Redesign sessions help you decorate your house through space planning and new furniture & accessories suggestions. "Shopping at Home" helps uncover hidden treasures by reusing and repurposing items you already own and transform a cluttered house into a beautifully organized home. 

before and after interior redesign Interior Redesign

Moving and Unpacking

Did you move recently (or a couple years ago) and still have a room or rooms full of unopened boxes? Are you tired of feeling like you live in a storage space? Are you ready to complete your moving project? 


I can help make quick work of unpacking all of your boxes, finding a home for all of the things you love and use, arrange your existing furniture, choose new items and accessories and hang pictures.


Let's work together to make your house feel like home.

Stage to Sell

Staging your home to sell can be stressful & time consuming.  I can help simplify your home-selling process by organizing your spaces and prepacking for you.  Then we can showcase your home's best features by using items you already own and help buyers see your home's potential. 

Holiday Decorating

Many home owners love having their homes decorated for the holidays and are just too busy to do it by themselves.  I can set up your favorite holiday decorations, create new ways to display items you already own, shop for new decor and gifts.  Plus, I even take it all down, organize everything & put it all away after the holidays. Let me be your Holiday Helper, Christmas Elf or Party Apprentice!

Virtual Organizing

Inspiration, Motivation, Encouragement, Coaching and Organizing are all part of a Virtual Organizing session.  In as little as 1 hour I can help you figure out where to start, create a project plan and provide accountability that will help you jump start (or complete) an organizing project that you've been avoiding. 


I can also work with you with ongoing services via phone or virtual meetiong while you do your own hands on organizing.  This can help you stay focused, motivated and accountable.