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"Shannon The Organizer" is what people call me.  Organizing is a tool I use to create energetic shifts that transform cluttered or uninspiring spaces into magical places that feel like home. 

It's not about the objects in your house, it's about the experience of living in and loving the place you call home. 


Whether you're in AUSTIN, TEXAS or prefer to work with me via ZOOM, I can help you Get Organized by showing you how to eliminate clutter and create systems help make staying organized easier.  I also Stage homes for Sale, Decorate for Holidays and reDesign any space using items you already own.

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My Story...

One of my earliest memories is organizing the silverware drawer when I was 4 years old after we moved into a new home.  I decided it was my job to organize the drawer and can still feel the satisfaction of stacking the forks and spoons in their slots. 


Years later I turned my passion for Organizing and ReDesign into a career as a Professional Organizer and I've been helping people transform their houses into HOMES since 1997. Since then, I've been dubbed “The Room Whisperer” by clients who are amazed at the short time it takes to eliminate clutter or redesign a room using only items they already own.


I also studied Interior Architecture at Kansas State, Interior Design at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and earned my BSBA from UNO in 1999. I continue to educate myself to ensure that all of my clients get and stay organized.

Shan Shui

As an avid student of FENG SHUI, I often incorporate its principles when helping my clients eliminate clutter, rearrange furniture and get organized. 


Many years ago I helped a woman ReDesign her home by ReArranging and ReImagining each room. When we were done she exclaimed, "It's been Shan Shui-ed!"


Does your home need a little Shan Shui?

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